Use dental veneers from our Leicester practice to enhance your smile or disguise chipped teeth

Chip away with our Leicester dentists!

It might be a tiny thing that you really notice about your smile that stops you really loving the way it looks.  It might be something that most people would hardly notice but to you it seems more than obvious.

At our Leicester dental practice we believe you should be entirely happy with your smile, after all it’s with you every day, everywhere, so if there’s something bothering you about your smile then we’re here to help.

Using the latest in dental veneers we can gently disguise blemished teeth or a chipped tooth whilst doing minimal damage to the healthy (although unattractive) tooth or teeth.

If you’d like to discuss getting a smile you have total confidence in then simply call our Leicester dental practice to book a consultation today! What are you waiting for? Call 0116 271 0500 now.

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