Choose dental implants if you’ve lost teeth!

Long term tooth loss solution from our Leicester dental practice

Once upon a time, the only things you could do about losing teeth were:

  • Live with the gap
  • Wear dentures
  • Have a bridge fitted
  • Now however, there is a better, long term solution to tooth loss - dental implants.

Dental implants look, behave and feel just like real teeth.  They are colour matched to fit right in with your natural teeth so no-one will realise they are not ‘real’.  Once the implant screw has been placed in to the jawbone – we know that sounds somewhat gruesome! -  the dental restoration placed on top will be totally secure.  No movement, no removing and no getting food stuck underneath or in between!

To find out if you’d be suitable for dental implant treatment you’ll need to book a no obligation consultation.  At the consultation we’ll talk you through the process, as well as the costs involved, and answer any questions that you may have.  To book your consultation simply call our team today on Leicester 0116 271 0500.

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