What’s the deal with sugar anyway?

Are you sweet enough?

Tooth decay is one of the most common non-infectious diseases in the world. Most people know sugar intake is linked to tooth decay and fillings, but most don’t understand the science behind it.

However, sugar does not directly break down tooth enamel. Sugars found in chocolate, fizzy drinks and sweets are known as “simple sugars,” which are immediately consumed by the body. So how is it that sugar has the reputation for causing tooth decay?

Unfortunately, when you enjoy a sugary treat, there is a special kind of bacteria that responds. This bacteria actively breaks down the sugar, converting it to acid. The acid, in turn, can eat away the enamel on teeth.

Every day we are faced with a huge range of foods and drinks which are sugar laden and highly processed convenience meals and snack, and in turn we are consuming foods and drinks which are high in sugar more often and in larger quantities than ever before.

Ideally try to avoid snacking throughout the day to avoid the constant sugar attack but if you do need a little nibble, try to stick to fruit and vegetables or even cheese. 

The combined forces of regular brushing, flossing and appropriate visits to the dentist and hygienist will help to remove these harmful bacteria and acid from your teeth. 

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