Make sure it’s legal!!

Thinking about teeth whitening?

Did you know that some salons and clinics that offer teeth whitening treatments are doing so illegally?

Only qualified and registered dental professionals are legally allowed to perform teeth whitening treatments.  For example, if a local beauty salon or hairdressers is advertising teeth whitening and they are not a dental professional then they are breaking the law.

Ensuring that you have treatment performed by a registered dental professional helps to maintain levels of safety and will help to provide you with a whiter, brighter smile.

Alongside the treatment being illegal you have other things to consider.  Beat case scenario you end up with no change to the whiteness of your smile and a lighter purse….worse case you could end up with sore gums, burns to your mouth and/or lips or super sensitive teeth!

If you see teeth whitening being offered at an establishment and you are concerned that it may not be legal then you can report them to the General Dental Council who will make the relevant checks and take things further if need be.  They can be emailed HERE (

To find out more about the legal, safe and effective teeth whitening we offer at the practice please contact us on 0116 271 0500.

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