What could it mean for your smile.

Have you heard about the sugar tax?

The Soft Drinks Industry Levy taxes manufacturers 18 pence per litre for drinks with total sugar content above 5 grams per 100ml, and 24 pence per litre for those above 8 grams per 100ml.

Recent research showed that a quarter of 5 year olds have tooth decay, and the latest release of figures by Public Health England shows that tooth extraction remains the number one cause of hospitalisation among 5-9 year olds, with over 35,000 children admitted each year for the procedure and 60,000 school days missed as a result!

With a typical 330ml can of fizzy pop containing an average of 9 teaspoons (35g) of sugar it’s clear to see how soft drinks have become a problem.  The recommended maximum intake of sugar for a 4-6 year old is 19g and 24g for 7-10 year olds.

The best way to minimize the tooth decay that is caused by consuming sugary drinks is to avoid them whenever possible. Consider other, more healthy, options to quench your family's thirst, such as water or milk. Natural fruit juices are another way to provide a bit of sweetness in a healthy way. However, make sure you are purchasing real fruit juices with juice content higher than 10 percent. Dilute the fruit juice with water to further minimize the amount of sugar your family is consuming.

If you find that you just have to indulge, make sure to rinse with water to flush out the mouth and remove any of the sugar that remains.

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