Professional teeth whitening from our Leicester dental practice

Smiles that shine bright….

Did you know that tooth whitening is only legal when it is performed by a registered dental professional? 

Ensuring that teeth whitening is carried out by a registered member of the dental profession helps to maintain safety around the products used and ensure that the treatment is effective and works quickly whilst not damaging your teeth, mouth or gums.

It might be tempting to choose a whitening treatment based on the cost alone but this could be hugely dangerous and detrimental to your oral health and there is nothing to say the products used will actually make a difference to the whiteness of your smile.

To make the choice a little easier, up until the 30th June 2018 we are offering HALF PRICE teeth whitening!  This means that you could get a whiter, brighter smile for just £200.

To find out more about the whitening treatment we offer, or to book your consultation contact us.

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