Take advantage of our HALF PRICE teeth whitening offer today!

Let your smile shine brightly this summer

Our fantastic HALF PRICE teeth whitening offer is due to finish at the end of this month so if you’ve been considering having teeth whitening treatment don’t miss out!

Teeth whitening is the fast, effective and safe way to put the sparkle back in to your smile and in doing so take years off your age!

In a National newspaper survey Kate Moss was considered to look on average 9 years younger when her smile was digitally altered to make it appear whiter.  If whitening your smile can do that for a supermodel image what it can do for you!

Teeth whitening works to remove the stains and discoluring that can appear on your teeth over time.  Sometimes the foods we eat and drink can contribute to this but often it’s just the passing of time.  If you smoke or drink red wine this can also contribute to the appearance of a dull and stained smile.

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