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 Implants, the long term solution to tooth loss

Your smile says everything about you.  It’s one of the first things that people will notice about you and having confidence in your smile is a must.  There are many reasons that someone may lose teeth, although gum disease is the biggest cause of tooth loss in the UK.  The effect of loss of teeth and the need to wear dentures will usually has the same result.  Loss of confidence or reluctance to meet new people or experience new things - just some of the feelings people experience when they have to wear ill-fitting, uncomfortable dentures.  Even if the dentures are not immediately obvious when you smile, they can cause sores and incredibly uncomfortable to wear.   So, now we’ve established that tooth loss can affect almost anyone what are the solutions for your smile?

There is a long term solution which looks, behaves and feels just like your natural teeth….except they don’t fall out, move about or cause pain or sores!  Dental Implants are totally life enhancing and can be used to replace entire arches of dentures or missing teeth.

If you’d like to know more about the treatment, the length of time involved and also the estimated costs in relation to the treatment then contact us today to book a no obligation consultation.

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