How hygienic are you?!

If you can’t remember your last visit then it’s time to book an appointment

How hygienic are you?!

Spending a little more time on your dental hygiene regime at home could be the difference between expensive dental treatments, fillings or even tooth loss and a clean, happy mouth.  Alongside what you do at home and visits to the dentist, we recommend regular visits to our hygiene team here at Briarmeads Dental Practice.

Hygiene visits are a fantastic opportunity to make sure that the dental health care you are performing at home is having a positive impact on your smile and also to get advice about how you can improve your dental health.

The hygiene team can check that you are flossing correctly and even show you how to do it if you’ve been struggling to make it effective. They will work with you to combat any gum health issues and are on hand to help with issues such as bad breath.

To book an appointment with our friendly team, please contact the team today.

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