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Invisible ways to a straighter smile

At our Leicester dental practice we are able to offer a wide range of discreet adult orthodontic treatments.  Being able to offer more than one type of brace means we are well placed to offer the right treatment to improve you smile, and the straightness of your teeth.

The revolutionary Invisalign system, which has been used by over 5 million people worldwide, is a popular choice for those patients who are concerned about braces having an impact on their appearance.  These clear ‘aligner’ style braces gently move the teeth in small increments so they are incredibly comfortable.  They are also removable so are taken out when eating or drinking, and for brushing your teeth.  Because the aligners are clear they are hardly visible when being worn so are a popular choice for celebrities, having been worn by Holly Willoughby and Davina McCall to name just two.

If time is of the essence, say you have a big social occasion like a wedding to attend, then Six Month Smiles could be the treatment for you.  The unique way in which Six Month Smiles works means that patients can expect to see results in just six months, with some achieving a dazzling smile in a matter of weeks!

As with all orthodontic treatment you’ll need to wear a retainer when treatment has been completed.  This will help prevent your teeth from returning to their original crooked position and help maintain that beautiful straight smile!

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