See if we can improve your smile in as little as six months!

Are you embarrassed by your smile?

Not everyone is delighted with their smiles, and we think that’s a sad thing.  It might be the shape of your teeth, the colour or the position which causes you concerns but whatever it is, there is likely to be a solution.

If it’s how straight your teeth are, you might have previously been put off doing anything about them because you were worried about having to wear braces for a couple of years.  With the modern approach to orthodontics there are a number of more discreet options available which are nearly invisible and work quickly to move teeth in to a more desirable position.

One such type of orthodontics brace treatment offered at our Leicester dental practice is Six Month Smiles.  Six Month Smiles use clear brackets and wires to gently reposition the teeth.  The wires and brackets are much more discreet but with an average treatment time of just six months you won’t  be wearing them for long either!

To find out if your smile could benefit from the Six Month Smile orthodontic treatment book a no obligation consultation today

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