Clear braces for a straighter smile from Briarmeads Dental Practice in Leicester

CLEARly the way to a straighter smile!

Many adults find they are unhappy with a crooked or gappy smile but are wary of orthodontics.  People think back to their childhood days of uncomfortable ‘train track’ braces which not only looked obvious but involved painful visits to the orthodontist. 

This is no longer the case!

Invisalign braces are transparent and hardly visible.

Invisalign braces are made of clear plastic

Invisalign braces are made especially for you

Invisalign braces involve NO wires or brackets

Invisalign braces are not fixed braces - they are removed for eating and teeth cleaning

As you can see Orthodontics has come a long way!  Don’t delay, call us about Invisalign today!!

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