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Have you got your half price whiter smile yet?

We've had so much interest in our Half Price professional teeth whitening that we already think Leicester is looking a little brighter this month!  


If you haven't taken advantage of our amazing whiter, brighter smile for just £200 then there is still time.


Teeth whitening is a simple, effective and safe cosmetic dental treatment designed to remove stains from the teeth which build up over time.  Removal of these stains can have a dramatic appearance on your smile and has been proven to take years off a person’s age.  Even Kate Moss was considered 8 years younger when her photo had been photoshopped just to make her smile whiter!


If it can do that for a supermodel, imagine what it could do for you :)


To book your consultation, please contact our friendly practice today.  

ReturnNov 20, 2017