Discreet orthodontics for a straighter, more attractive smile.

Walk straight this way!

Everyday we speak to more and more adults, of all ages, about the treatments that are available to straighten their teeth.  Some patients have spent years considering orthodontics and have lived with crooked, misaligned teeth for too long.  Crooked teeth can not only look unsightly but some cases can lead to dental hygiene issues as it's impossible to clean between the teeth.


At Briarmeads Dental Practice in Leicester, we offer FREE, no obligation consultations to discuss with the team what orthodontic treatments could help straighten your smile and also treatment times and costs so that you are fully informed regarding your options before making a choice.


Our range of orthodontic brace treatments are discreet, comfortable and work quickly, gently yet effectively to move your teeth in to a more desirable position.


If you'd like to take the first step towards a straighter, more attractive smile then contact our friendly team today and book a consultation.

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